I am trying to make a column for my sharepoint list that is color coded based on how old items in the list are(i.e. if items are less than 1 day old there will be a green circle, less than 2 days but greater than 1, a yellow circle, and any item greater than 3 days there will be a red circle.) The strategy I am trying to use is to make a calculated column based off of the "Created" column. The data type I am returning from the calculated column is Number.

Here is my formula in the calculated column.

="<SPAN><SPAN style='font-size:30px;font-weight:bold;text-alignment:center;color:"&IF([Created]="","Pick Color",IF([Created]<="1","Green")&";'>•</SPAN> </SPAN>)

SharePoint is not accepting the formula because of syntax errors. What am I doing wrong?



="<div style=""color:"&IF(NOW()-Created<=1,"Green",IF(NOW()-Created<=2,"Yellow","Red"))&";font-weight:bold;"">•</div>"

Test result in my local SharePoint 2013, the field return as Number. enter image description here

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