Hello fellow sharepointers !

What I want to achieve :

I created an Extension that displays a FAQ list. To retrieve FAQ items in this extension, I'm using PnP and the search() function. In this FAQ list, I have a column named Answer which is a Enhanced Rich Text Multiline column (so the user can add bold formatting, images and even gifs -which is very cool for producing tutorials/FAQ content.)

Everything is working fine, I got my items, no worries about it.

What is the problem :

I am just struggling with my Answer Multiline column. In the list, the Answer column is filled with that sort of content (images, formatting, hyperlink etc), but I don't retrieve the rich text in my Extension, I only retrieve the content Plain Text.

What I did :

In the Sharepoint Admin, I've modified the Search Schema : I've taken the RefinableString52 managed property and mapped it to my crawled properties as such : In the "Mappings to crawled properties" section, I've kept the " include content from all crawled properties" option checked, and I mapped the Managed Property "RefinableString52" to two crawled properties : "ows_r_MTXT_didacticielAnswer", and "ows_didacticielAnswer"

So, do you have any idea on how I could get my Enhanced Rich text formatting ?

I am sure it has something to do with crawled and mapped properties ! But I can't find what.

Thanks a lot for your hand ! Have a nice day ;)

  • Can you check the search schema for didacticielAnswerOWSMTXT managed property ? – Gautam Sheth Oct 2 '18 at 5:14
  • Hello @GautamSheth ! I have no such managed property. (which is strange) And even with that, I prefer to use RefinableStrings because they are queryable/Sortable and so on.. And I forgot to mention, I created the site columns under ContentTypeHub and then added them to a Content Type which is published – Gaelle Oct 30 '18 at 10:09

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