(SharepointOnline and Sharepoint Designer Workflow).

Document library : column A and column B and column EmailAdress

List : column C and column D and EmailAdressList

So what i want to do is copy EmailAdressList(list) into EmailAdress(documentlibrary) IF [column A = column C AND column B = Column D].

The EmailAdressList value is set by default as photo that i circle in red.

Can you guys help me solve , if it possible answer with picture because i just use SPD around 1 month. im a newbie and i really want to learn. Thanks in advance

enter image description here

enter image description here

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You need to call REST API in SharePoint Designer workflow to find the EmailAdressList from the list based on "column A = column C AND column B = Column D".

Here are steps

  1. Grant full control permission to a workflow.

  2. Create a workflow for the doc library in SharePoint Designer.

  3. Trigger the workflow when item is created and modified.
  4. In the workflow, add a app steps.
  5. Build directory and add the Accept and the Content-Type headers.

    Create a workflow variable with directory type named 'JSonRequestHeader'. Output the variable dictionnary as JSonRequestHeader.

    enter image description here

  6. Call web service

    [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Email Adresses List')/items?$filter=(column_x0020_C eq '[%Current Item:column A%]') and (column_x0020_D eq '[%Current Item:column B%]')​

    (Note: In my test, the list name is "Email Adresses List". "column_x0020_C" and "column_x0020_D" are the internal names of "column C" and "column D". How to check the internal name of a column)

    enter image description here

  7. Associate the JSonRequestHeader variable to RequestHeaders.

    enter image description here

  8. In the Call action, click on response and associate the response to a new variable : JSonResult (of type Dictionnary).

  9. After the Call action add a new Get action.

    Get d/results(0)/EmailAdressList from JSonResult.

  10. Set current item EmailAdress to this output value.

The Workflow summary:

enter image description here

How to call REST API in designer workflow:



Trigger the workflow manually for the existing items in doc library.

  • hi thanks for help! based on your last sentence and before i do this, may i know if this workflow applicable when a new item is added? or it only works when we trigger it manually. Oct 2, 2018 at 3:33
  • check my step 3. If you enable that, the workflow will be triggered automatically when an item is create/modified. For the already-created item, you need to start the workflow manually or edit it properties to trigger the workflow. Oct 2, 2018 at 3:40
  • Hi @Muhammad Hazrin, if the suggestion helps you, please don't forget to mark the answer as accepted in case. Oct 2, 2018 at 9:18

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