Since a couple of days, I've seen that if I go to create new subsite on my SharePoint Online tenant , I don't have the option to create a Team Site with the modern experience template.


enter image description here

I just see the option to create a Team site with the classic experience. I've tried in 3 diferent tenants, and is the same on all of them.

Did I miss something? Do I need to activate any feature?

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  1. Click SharePoint in Apps Panel:

enter image description here

  1. Click "Create Site": enter image description here

  2. There will display two Modern Site Template, you can choose one to create:

enter image description here

The above steps are working for a root modern site collection, but for a modern sub site, I think currently still no possible in the Office 365 UI. The site creation option for modern sites used the root site url under "/sites": enter image description here


Use the SharePoint Admin Preview to create modern Team Sites.



You can create a Modern team side using the below option

enter image description here

The Modern team sites doesn't have any template or site definitions, so you can't create a modern site by using this way https://mytenant.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/newsbweb.aspx ..


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