We've got a Collect Feedback workflow on some permits. We've had the workflow going for a year or two now with no issues. Recently there's been a few instances where the workflow just will not complete and send the feedback collection to the respective person despite all tasks completing. Also the people who have completed tasks after the due date keep getting 'overdue task' alerts in their email despite having actually completed the task. A few suggestions I've seen from other similar situations are to ...

  1. Create a new list for the tasks to go to as the main list may have some corruption
  2. Recreate the workflow
  3. Create a custom workflow that puts a delay between starting tasks

But when running these options by the content owner, they told me these were not options for them for Audit/Records reasons. They are not willing to either end the workflow, or create a new task list.

The following are the 'similarities' that the three workflows that failed have in common:

Object:          Tasks Comp After Due Date:  Tasks Reassigned:  # of Tasks Total:
List Item 1      Yes                         No                 15
List Item 2      Yes                         Yes                17
List Item 3      Yes                         Yes                17

All of the tasks, as seen above, have had people complete a feedback submission after the due date. The bottom two had tasks reassigned to someone else while the typical people were on holidays. That increased their total tasks by 1 per person.

None of this is atypical from normal behaviour, and we have workflows complete properly despite any of it.

Some of the things we've tried:

  1. Tried to update the active task (Item > Workflows > Select the 'in progress' > Update Active Tasks of Collect Feedback)

  2. Added a new task, and completing it (Item > Workflows > Select the 'in progress' > Add or update reviewers of Collect Feedback)


  1. Checked the workflow's setup. It's set to only run manually as a "Collect Feedback - sharepoint 2010" workflow. Sent to 15 people who are all still active in Active Directory. All tasks are parallel. That is all correct, according to the content owner.

  2. Gave up, moved to SPD. Checked the OOB workflow structure. Found its end condition: if([Currently Active Tasks] == 0 && [Scheduled Tasks] == 0) { ... } made me think there was another task somewhere to be completed. Could not find it, assumed it was the notification to the content owner for the feedback aggregation?

  3. Powershell told me all tasks are completed. Fields Status, % Complete, Start Date, Due Date, Outcome, and Completed all imply each task is complete. Workflow status is still 2/In Progess according to PowerShell. I'm unable to change the StatusValue or StatusText in Powershell for the workflow to force it to complete. I can not find out how to make it move to the next step or tell me what step it's waiting for.

  4. Tried to access the database for the workflow. The following SQL Query gave the same information the PowerShell did.

    SELECT * FROM [Infrastructure_Content_DB].[dbo].[Workflow] WHERE [Id]='6371113a-e12f-4078-8c3f-1239eaabe413'

  5. Changed the Due Date fields for the people who finished their task after the due date and waited for the next workflow check defined in Central Admin. Ours is currently set to every 15 minutes. No change.


  1. How can I tell what stage the Workflow is in or what task it's waiting for completion?
  2. If the workflow is waiting for tasks to complete or start, can we manually change the value for the workflow either with SQL or PowerShell or the browser?
  3. Is it possible to force a workflow to complete, without terminating it entirely?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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