On my SP 2007 environment I been trying to have my administrators not use the farm adm account for their administration and use their own credentials. So we started by creating a security group with local admin rights on the server and determined that some of the functionality also required dbo_owner membership towards the content and configuration databases and database server level security (dbcreator, securtityadmin) roles to run stsadm and psconfig operations.

My questions now are:

  1. Considering I have more than one web application and more than one site collection, can I manage my administrators via a security group or will I still be required to log in to each site collection and set them as site collection administrators? Previously I've had to log into each and set each as a site collection administrator which only allows to set at a user level (not with a security group).

  2. Can a security group be used to manage the maintenance required by Farm Admin to the point where I can avoid any user logging in as a farm admin and set farm account as service only (prevemto)


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Firstly, SharePoint groups are not supported for permissions @ webapplication or farm level. You can use AD groups

For the Question 1 : You could create Security Policies @ Web Application Level ,which gives full control to all the site collections under that web application. you can use a AD group as well.

For Question 2 : follow this Article

  • Appreciate your answer. Yes, the intention is to manage completely through AD. Answer to #1 worked out. As of #2, we had stepped through a similar process and setup. But to clarify my question, now that #1 has been completed, can I avoid any user logging in as a farm admin and set farm account as service only ? Does my group have equivalent rights to farm admin or is there some functionality that I would still need to log in as farm admin?
    – user5969
    Dec 9, 2011 at 12:50
  • Technically yes, but I am not 100% sure as we use the farm admin to install the SharePoint it might automatically give some other hidden rights too; but for all day to day operations I think it should be good.
    – Vamsi
    Dec 9, 2011 at 15:14

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