Would like to configure monitoring parameters for SharePoint servers.Which are parameters should be configured for SharePoint?

  • This is pretty broad, can you provide additional info re your goals for monitoring?
    – Mike2500
    Commented Sep 19, 2018 at 19:12

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Some of SharePoint Monitoring Parameters

  • Network Monitor
  • Database Connectivity and availability Monitor.
  • Data Grows Monitor.
  • Ports Monitor
  • Resource Monitor
    • CPU Utilization.
    • Memory.
    • Hard Disk.
  • Page Request time Monitor.
  • User Activity Monitor
  • Service Applications.
  • Logs Monitor.
  • Workflow Services Monitor.
  • SharePoint Windows Services like Timer Service, distributed cache...etc.
  • IIS, Application Pools, Security Token App Pool Monitor.

Check also, Plan for monitoring in SharePoint Server

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