I posted an excel web access on my SharePoint, the file contain a list of hyperlinks to a Library of documents. the file uploaded fine, but all the hyperlinks are unaccesible. Is there a way to keep the hyperlinks active in excel web access?

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Per my testing, the hyperlinks need to start with the protocol "http://" or "https://".

If the link address does not have a protocol, it does not works as a hyperlink in the Excel Web Access web part.

Try adding the link using =HYPERLINK("http://www.bing.com","Test"),

and try using Insert > Hyperlink, compare the results.

enter image description here

Besides, try unchecking the "Update links on save" checkbox before adding hyperlinks, see if it works.

File -> Options -> Advanced -> Under General, click Web Options -> On the Files tab, click to clear the Update links on save check box.

enter image description here

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