I receive the following error trying to call Microsoft Graph using MSGraphClient in a new SharePoint Framework 1.6 Web Part.

The requested operation is part of an experimental feature that is not supported in the current environment.

If this message is valid, how can I find out when this feature will be supported? Otherwise, is there a workaround or fix for it?

These are the directions I followed to make the graph call: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/spfx/use-msgraph

I was able to fix the problem in a dev tenant by running the Enable-SPOTenantServicePrincipal command in SharePoint Online Powershell, and giving SharePoint Online Client Extensibility "Sign in and read user profile" permission to Windows Azure Active Directory through the Azure AD Portal.

However, I do not have the same permissions in my company's production tenant and am unable to run the Enable-SPOTenantServicePrincipal command. It will be hard to make the case to the production tenant admin to run it either when the documentation says "This is a preview feature and should not be used in production."


Is this still a preview feature, or is the documentation just outdated? The Release Notes for SPFx 1.6 make it sound like using the MSGraphClient is mandatory.


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