I am fairly new to SP so I would like some guidance to see if my delegated requirements are possible or not.

My scenario: Implemented so far: - I have a Doc Library made up of Doc Sets of a special Content type. - A work flow is triggered when Assigned To is changed in DS. - Home/Landing page webpart view with Assigned To DSs

To do: Permissions: - Say all Users can create new DSs in library. - However a user can only edit an already created DS if assigned to him. ( I have a field Assigned To in the Content type) - A superior Role may view/contribute any DS

So far I am thinking of 2 possible scenarios : 1) - Alter DS Permissions after Workflow is complete or 2) set an aside job to change the edit properties of each created DS according to Assigned To field and superior.

I am foreseeing that I have to remove the option to inherit permissions from parent library right?

Looking forward to some guidance.

Someone else had close issue in 2010 as here: enter link description here

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