The requirement is to migrate all the Lists(SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online). I have tried many ways. But Lookups don't work. It creates the lookup column with an empty reference to the other list.

I have tried this Github

I think the issue is the list doesn't exist when these columns are getting created.

Also tried the site template solution. Always gets timed out.

enter image description here

If anyone has successfully migrate using powershell please share.

It would be great if I can migrate the data too.


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A search on migration in here will show that the options are: migrate some content using handfitted powershell or migrate the lot using either ShareGate or Metalogix. I know that $4000 might sound expensive but so is our time so if you need to migrate and rearrange content the business case might be good

  • I couldn't agree more. Sharegate is the best one so far since you can migrate whatever way you want, plus it's the most affordable tool out there. Commented Nov 18, 2022 at 3:28

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