is it possible to download the whole Sharepoint Strukture of sharepoint web to an localhost and view it on localhost.

We want to backup our sharepoint Server to a NAS and if we need it being able to view the last backups.

If yes how would this be possible over Unix?

thanks, Raavgo


Is it possible to just download the whole SharePoint environment?

  • SharePoint Online: No, It's not possible!
  • SharePoint Server: You can do that by performing backup and restore.

Is it possible to view it on localhost?

  • SharePoint Online: No, It's not possible!
  • SharePoint Server: You must have SharePoint environment with the same version and the same CU or higher to can restore the taken backup. check Migrate web application to another farm

Can we take a back up our SharePoint sites?

  • SharePoint Online: Backup and restore operations are not allowed in SharePoint online, to can take a backup you should open an Office 365 support ticket or Using a 3rd party tool.

  • SharePoint Server: Backup and restore operations are allowed for farm, web application, site.

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I understand that you would like to download a SharePoint online site. Maybe with a web catcher software... but you'll certainly not be able to use it as it shown to you online.

So... for me it's not possible.

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