We have migrated / moved some site, to a different Sharepoint location.

  • Previous status: site was a root master site on a collection.
  • Updated status: site is a subsite on a different site collection.

There is a Sharepoint list in the site, with a custom infopath form. The infopath form does make use of .udcx connection file in order to perform different REST queries against Sharepoint ( grab user information etc ).

Once the site was migrated / moved, infopath form could be opened in the browser, however, the .udcx file was not found, and therefore, REST query was NOT performed, leaving certain important form fields empty.

  • The .udcx file location matches the one definied in the infopath, and it is fully accesible. However, infopath is not able to access the .udcx file.
  • Form in the original site location works fine.
  • Form in the new location works fine in preview mode ( infopath desktop app ). Browser mode does not work.

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After some research, I found some people talking about bugs related with .udcx files and after infopath forms moved to different sites.

I realized that, even the infopath designer was showing the .udcx filepath as the correct one, once I exported the infopath manifest, the infopath was searching for the .udcx at the root site within the site collection, what means, a different location.

<xsf2:xmlFileAdapterExtension ref="REST Web Service" isRest="yes">
       <xsf2:connectoid connectionLinkType="relative" source="Connections/rest.udcx" siteCollection="../../" name="REST Web Service"></xsf2:connectoid>

Therefore, all I had to do was to create the DataConnectionLibrary at root site collection level, and move my .udcx files over there.

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