I am gonna build a new SharePoint 2016 farm,

  • 2 web and app servers
  • 2 DB servers cluster

What's the setting required for SQL memory in management studio?


In SQL Management Studio, there are two options for the Allocated Server Memory,

  • The Minimum Server memory in MB. (Default value is 0).
    • The recommended settings should be the default.
  • The maximum Server memory in MB. (Default value is 2147483647 about 2 TB)
    • The recommended settings should be less than the amount of installed RAM.

Ex: if the installed RAM is 32 GB, so try to set it to

32- [(the allocated memory for OP) + other allocated memory for other systems] 

Other systems like

  • Operating System.
  • Antivirus.
  • Other SQL Instances.

For further details, check

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