We are trying to enforce a flatter intranet structure, and are curious if it's possible to restrict the level of subsites you have. The type of structure we're going for is as follows:

    Function/Department Public 1
        Function/Department Private 1 Home 1
        Function/Department Private 1 other 2
        Function/Department Private 1 other n
    Function/Department Public 2
        Function/Department Private 2 Home 1
        Function/Department Private 2 other 2
        Function/Department Private 2 other n
    Function/Department Public m
        Function/Department Private m Home 1
        Function/Department Private m other 2
        Function/Department Private m other n

Where you can only create as far down as a second level Subsite. This will make Org structure changes easier, make Managed Navigation easier to deal with, and make content harder to lose.

Is it possible to restrict the highest level of subsites one can make?

Currently we are using SP 2013, but we are in the process of upgrading to 2016 so knowledge on either would be appreciated. Thank you.


I agree with what Arin has mentioned about governance and there are various approaches to enforcing that.

But to answer your question you can also implement WebAdding or WebProvisioned event receiver and perform necessary validation in that code. You can refer to microsoft documentation for more information. See this link for example on how to implement web event receivers.

  • Thanks for the info. Chose yours as the answer because of its option for the web event receivers as it does more directly answer my question... It's a neat idea! But we may go with a governance model instead.
    – KGlasier
    Sep 7 '18 at 14:50

You can't specifically and explicitly limit the number of sub-sites, but a solution would be to limit the users who can create new sites and put in place a governance model wherein end-users have to request new sites and then a governance team can review whether it would violate the "corporate standard" of having more than, for example, 3 sub-sites.

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