How to debug Remote Event Receiver for Sharepoint Online? The only article that I can find is this, https://blog.virtosoftware.com/remote-event-receivers-creating-and-debugging-sharepoint-online/ however is there another way to debug a remote event receiver

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There are two way to debug your RERs:

  1. Remote debugging
  2. Local debugging

Remote debugging is convenient, but it requires a lot of prerequisites:

  • deploy your app in Azure
  • remotely attach from Visual Studio to your Azure Web app instance and debug

It takes time and sometimes doesn't work stable.

From the other hand local debugging is much faster, allows you to modify code without re-deploying to host, however, requires a few setup steps.

  1. Install nodejs and ngrok service
  2. Starting ngrok and creating a RER, which points to your ngrok service, instead of real URL.
  3. Testing your RER locally by pressing F5 in Visual Studio

A good reading about local debug approach available here.

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    I'm glad you liked the blog post Sergei! Commented Sep 9, 2018 at 2:45

We currently use this devtunnel tool provided by MS https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/developer/dev-tunnels/get-started?tabs=windows You can host a tunnel to your project hosted locally Its similar to Ngrok but free to use

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