I have developed one of the web based Java Application in which one of the page containing the form for uploading a files, as of now uploaded file stored on the Application server, but instead of this I want storing file in the SHAREPOINT ONLINE 2013

I am not an expert in the SharePoint, so please explain in the step by step manner with proper flow and code

For token generation I am doing whatever mention here(http://www.ktskumar.com/2017/01/access-sharepoint-online-using-postman/) and I was getting the token successfully and now not having a clue for what is the next step for the development?

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Connect to Sharepoint Online REST API using Java

Above Link have diffrent question but answer contain everything what you want, Kindly check that.


You can use JShare from here : JShare API It supports Microsoft SharePoint server 2013 and SharePoint Online / Office 365

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