I'm looking to display on a web part in SharePoint online a list of all sub-sites and all users with full control to that particular site i.e.

Team Site Site Owners https://ab/sharepoint.com joe bloggs, missy bloggs https://ac/sharepoint.com amanda bloggs, tim jow, ted harold https://ad/sharepoint.com ralph noggin, lisa nerald

This list needs to be viewable by all users in the business no matter what permission level they have as it will be on a team site landing page where users can see what teams already exist and who to contact if they need access or want to ask a question of the site owner. Is this possible what JQUERY and Rest Api? Thanks, Clare

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You can use following URL to get subsites from parent web.


As for coding the web-part to how to display is, you can review this example and description.

As for how to set up the view, Since you've mentioned you want to let everyone on site to see your web-part, you can just create with public view. Reference

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