Implementing SPFX with Angular 4 using the below link: https://blog.hubfly.com/solutions/how-to-integrate-sharepoint-framework-spfx-with-angular-4.

Getting the below error after running the gulp serve command.

[14:40:54] Starting 'serve'... [14:40:54] Starting gulp [14:40:54] Starting subtask 'configure-sp-build-rig'... [14:40:54] Finished subtask 'configure-sp-build-rig' after 9.63 ms [14:40:54] Starting subtask 'spfx-serve'... Starting api server on port 5432. Registring api: /getwebparts Registring api: /. Registring api: /workbench [14:40:55] Error - [spfx-serve] Error: Invalid glob argument: [14:40:55] Error - 'spfx-serve' sub task errored after 488 ms Invalid glob argument: [14:40:55] 'serve' errored after 514 ms [14:40:55] About to exit with code: 1 Process terminated before summary could be written, possible error in async code not continuing! Trying to exit with exit code 1


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