Clicking on "change the look" of a modern site opens the panel as normal, but the side panel only has the current theme, and no others. Where there used to be a list of about 12 different color themes, there is one: current theme. This is the case in two different tenants. Did I miss an announcement? Any suggestions on why only one theme is being displayed?

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    yeah looks like its broken, checked at my end. One tenant is fine, another is not working Aug 29, 2018 at 14:20

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Looks like this issue started appearing since yesterday.

As a workaround, for now, you can select your themes from the modern list/library pages and Site contents page. The themes are still there, just not visible at the moment because of a bug.

Good news is that MS is aware of the issue and will be fixing it.

You can monitor this issue on github issues list.

Also, to get a list of themes, you can use Get-SPOTheme or Get-PnPTenantTheme and it will list the available themes in your tenant.

Reference - Modern Themes Broken

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