What is the Microsoft recommended way to integrate between Dynamics CRM/365 and SharePoint Online when some customisation is required?

  • What exactly do you want to customized. Than Standard integration allows storing documents with SharePoint document libraries and working in Onenote. – Nikolay Aug 29 '18 at 13:47

The only out of the box way to integrate Dynamics 365 and SharePoint online is to use the out of the box features: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/admin/set-up-dynamics-365-online-to-use-sharepoint-online

However, from a SharePoint perspective this lacks a lot of best practices and doesn't support any customizations:

  • One library with a folder per entity
  • By default a guid is attached to the folder name
  • No customizations
  • No metadata

My personal approach is to use a custom provisions for SharePoint and use the default integration to connect the two. I tend to use Azure Functions for this. See my blog post for more detail: https://www.oak3.org/azure/creating-sharepoint-site-dynamics-crm-azure-functions/


If your organizations wish to deploy for the first time or upgrade to server-based SharePoint integration. After you enable server-based SharePoint integration, you can’t revert to the previous client-based authentication method.

You review the docs Set up Dynamics 365 (online) to use SharePoint Online.

If you can’t use server-based SharePoint integration, you must install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM List Component to get document management functionality. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM List Component is a SharePoint solution that you upload and activate on a SharePoint site collection. This feature uses a client-to-SharePoint Server strategy to authenticate and transmit data.

You can review docs Configure SharePoint integration using the list component.

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