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I have an interesting problem. I have SharePoint 2016, and co-authoring is working in my DEV and QA environment, but its not working in production. When I saw co-authoring, I am referring to two or more users editing docx or pptx files at the same time. The users have different versions of office: 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Let me describe when it works (Dev and QA)

When two users edit the office documents, each get notifications that "updates are available" on the lower right portion of office. The users can see that multiple users are editing the document (shows the names of the authors"If the user saves the document, the document refreshes with the changes of both users.

Let me describe when it does not work (Prod)

When two users edit the office documents, they DON'T get notifications. They do see that their are multiple users editing files, but no edits are shown. When one user saves, it undoes the edits of the other user.

I tried bypassing the load-balancer, but the issue remains. I know its environment specific because the other two environments are working. Any thoughts? I will be happy to provide any additional information as requested.

Thanks in advance!

Update Feb 1st 2019

This is sadly still an issue. We raised a premium ticket with Microsoft but they have not been able to address the issue either.

We've collected more data and logs on the co-authoring problem. If we take a work document in production, and have two users access it and edit it the same time, we see the following data.

  • Word correctly sees multiples users are in the document
  • Word correctly sees a "lock" when a user edits a specific section
  • Word FAILs to see update the co-authoring object

So its like the co-authoring object is partially working, but not all the way. I executed the following VBA's in the word document being co-authored live to see what fills and what does not:

'Can the document be co-authored   
If ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.CanShare Then 
        MsgBox "This document can be co authored." 
    Else: MsgBox "This document cannot be co authored." 
    End If

    'To get all authors

    Dim allAuthors As CoAuthors 
    Set allAuthors = ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.Authors

    'To see if there are conflicts

    Dim conf As Conflict 

    For Each conf In ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.Conflicts 
        MsgBox conf.Type 
    Next conf

    'To see if there are locks

    MsgBox "There are " & _ 
        ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.Locks.Count & _ 
        " locks in the active document."

    'To see pending updates

    If ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.PendingUpdates Then 
    MsgBox "There are content updates pending." 
    Else: MsgBox "There are no pending updates." 
    End If

We have executed the below powershell just to confirm that co-authoring is enabled. These powershell outputs match our QA and PROD environment.

$siteurl = "SITE URL" $mysite=new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($siteurl) $mysite.WebApplication.WebService.DisableCoauthoring


$mysite=new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($siteurl) $mysite.WebApplication.DisableCoauthoring


At a loss on this one. Any help in direction will be appreciated.

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