I have to create a 'Reusable workflow' from 'List Workflow'.

The first action to create should be like the 'first image'. It shows the operator condition with left and right operand

First Image

But,when i tried to create like this it's getting like the second one. and also what does the 'Run action.Nintex.Workflow' that mean how to get this in my workflow.

Second Image

what are the things I have to do to create a workflow like first Image. Any suggestions,I'm newbie to share point. Please help me on this. Thanks in advance.

I have added the first Image too.Please help me on this.


The first image does not exists now, please provide your first image again.

In SharePoint designer, you can create SharePoint 2010/2013 platform workflow, to create Nintex workflow, you need to use third party workflow tool Nintex.

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