We are working on maintaining Sharepoint-Online themes, page layouts, styles (css, html, images from masterpage & siteassets) in git repository & continuous integration of changes to Dev, UAT & Prod environment. This is just the start of Sharepoint work. We will use VSTS for managing all these work. My question is:

1- We have some custom templates (html & css) specific to company & some templates provided by microsoft as part of sharepoint. We were planning to maintain only custom templates in git repository & not microsoft provided templates (because we are not going to change in m/s templates.). Can anyone please suggest whether this as per microsoft guidelines.? Is there any standard documentation provided by microsoft for organizing these files in source control ?

2- How to maintain testing environment for development changes ? Should we go for Sandbox approach or follow the approach mentioned in https://sharepointologic.blogspot.com/2017/01/sharepoint-online-continuous-delivery_17.html ? We have different site collection for Dev / UAT & Prod environment. If going through second approach then to verify every change, developer need push code to site collection. What is the best approach suggested by Microsoft ? I found a useful link but not able to decide : How to setup Development and UAT for SharePoint Online Multitenant

Please suggest

  • You're scaring off answerers by: 1) asking more than one question, and 2) asking for Microsoft's recommendations (most of us don't work for Microsoft). But the high-level answer to both questions is, "it depends". Commented Aug 28, 2018 at 19:49

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First question. Yes, you can put it into your git repository since you've already subscribe the service and paid for it.

Second question. This article provides step-by-step instructions to create a dev/test environment that includes the four different types of SharePoint Online team sites for the Secure SharePoint Online sites and files solution.

Team sites including:

  1. Organization wide team site
  2. Project 1 team site
  3. Marketing campaigns team site
  4. Company strategy team site

You can review Office 365 dev/test environment for more detail.

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