I am creating subsite through powershell script csom. Subsite is getting created but not sharepoint groups under subsite. what could be the reason?Please respond

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You probably need to break the role inheritence for the subsite. This post describes how to do this using CSOM: https://www.morgantechspace.com/2016/04/break-permission-inheritance-in-sharepoint-csom.html


If select unique permission, then it needs to also write csom code to create the group, it will not create group automatically:

 class Program  

     private class Configuration  
                public static string ServiceSiteUrl = "https:// https://gowthamr.sharepoint.com";  
                public static string ServiceUserName = "[email protected]";  
                public static string ServicePassword = "xxxxxxxxxx";  

          static ClientContext GetonlineContext()  
        var securePassword = new SecureString();  
        foreach (char c in Configuration.ServicePassword)  
    var onlineCredentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(Configuration.ServiceUserName, securePassword);  
    var context = new ClientContext(Configuration.ServiceSiteUrl);  
    context.Credentials = onlineCredentials;  
    return context;  

        static void Main(string[] args)  
            var ClientContext=GetonlineContext();  
            Web web = clientContext.Web;             
            GroupCreationInformation groupCreationInfo = new GroupCreationInformation();  
            groupCreationInfo.Title = "Gowtham_Group";  
            groupCreationInfo.Description="Custom Group Created...";  
            User owner = web.EnsureUser(@"XXXXXX");  
            User member = web.EnsureUser(@"YYYYYY");   
            Group group = web.SiteGroups.Add(groupCreationInfo);  
            group.Owner = owner;  

Reference: Create Group In SharePoint 2013 Online Using CSOM

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