Using word automation services to convert a Word document to a PDF I'm having a problem with how it's handling the wingdings font. The original document uses the symbol 0xE9 - described here as barb4up and 0xEA (barb4down) but after conversion, it appears in the PDF to be one of the ribbon arrows (0xC9 and 0xCA). I tried switching to the skinny arrows 0xE1 (barb2up) and 0xE2 (barb2down) but they seem to end up as one of the clock Wingdings.

Does anybody have any idea what might be going on here?

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The server(s) making the conversions need to have the correct Wingdings fonts installed. Otherwise it can't recognize the character encoding and can't interpret the right output.

  1. Install Wingdings font on the server(s) making conversions
  2. Restart the server(s) making conversions
  3. Try again

Reference: Word Automation Services: Wrong font in created PDF

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