I've looked around a lot but haven't found a solution yet, so here goes:

I am trying to create a parallel block in a workflow in SPD 2013 (making use of 2010 workflows) but instead of it being an AND block, I want this to be an OR block. If either one of the task is complete, exit the parallel block.

I've used the logic from this website: https://threewill.com/waiting-change-workflow/

enter image description here

The pause would be one day in the actual flow.

But here is the problem/question. I want to set the advanced properties: completionCondition to doneWaiting equals yes, but I can't:

enter image description here

I do not have the ability to select a variable in the dropdown.

Can someone tell me how this works with 2010 workflows in SDP 2013? Or is there an other (better) way to achieve this?

Thank you!

Note: In general what I want to achieve is this:

If after one day the task is not completed, user 1 receives a reminder. After another day user 2 receives a reminder if the task hasn't been completed in the meantime. But, if the task is completed in the meantime, the reminders shouldn't be sent out. An other workflow sets the reminder status to the next value once a task is completed.

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