We have some files missing on a sub-site from which I have tried to use a script to restore.

I connect to the context using connect-pnponline giving the specific team address t5\ts1. I confirm context using get-pnpweb which is correct.

When I get the recycle bin count using (get-pnprecyclebin).count it gives me the parent sites recycle bin count and not the current context. Subsequently, if i use get-pnprecyclebin | restore-pnprecyclebin it will restore items from the Parent, onwards.

How would I specify that I require only items from the current context to be restored. i.e the Sub Site only.

Thank you

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When running this command, it is prudent to try to execute it using a user that only has access to the data you require restored.

Using a Site Collection Administrator account, as I was, was rendering all my Current Parent site context content.

There are clearly dangerous consequences to this command.

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