My need is very close to something already treated like this topic but the solutions doesn not seems to work on Modal/Dialog forms.

In my context, I have a parent list ("projects") and a child list ("milestones"). On my parent dispform, I display too the child´s new form. Both are displayed as dialogs, not on a new page.

My issue, is that when from teh parent dispform, i add new child. And when I save the new child item, I want to go back to the parent dispform but in dialog mode.

I have a script that pass the parent ID to the child list by overwritting the "new item" child link. I tried adding &Source="http...." with the url of the parent dispform but without success. Maybe I am not finding the correct url to the modal parent dispform? I also tried overwritting the "save" button in the child newform but without success either.

In pictures: Where I start, my project list: i want to add multiple milestones enter image description here After clicking "add new milestones", the child new form arrive enter image description here And when I save my new milestone, I go back to enter image description here instead of going back to the previous modal dispform enter image description here

I also have a second problem: on teh parent dispform, if in the area displaying the child new form, I choose "edit", to bulk edit. When I click "stop editing", I got an error message...and I have no clue where to look at to find the issue. enter image description here

Thnaks for reading this far, any help will be appreciated.

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