Here I am working on SharePoint designer 2013 list workflow and have two lists where on adding an item to the list A in Title column, it would delete the items with the same name from List B title column. It would remove the duplicate Names even in the List B if it contains the same name


Keep in Mind, The Delete Item action is terminated on the computer running the Workflow Manager workflow engine and throws a System.InvalidOperationException exception.

For more details check Workflow actions quick reference (SharePoint Workflow platform)

Unfortunately, There is no workaround for this exception!! Meanwhile, you can go through the below alternatives/workarounds


  • Create a SharePoint 2010 workflow to Use Delete Item Action and run it from the SharePoint 2013 Workflow.

enter image description here

  • Using a 3rd party tool like Nintix.
  • Develop a custom workflow using VS.
  • Develop an Event Receiver to delete a specific list item in a specific list onItemAdded in the main list based on your criteria.

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