I'm using @pnp in my SPFX project, and I need to get tenant property. The code is as followed:

      .then((prop: StorageEntity) => {
    //How do I handle odata.null?
      return prop.value;

If the key doesn't exist the results I get back is

Object {odata.metadata: "https://_________.sharepoint.com/sites/ASite/_a…", odata.null: true} odata.metadata:"https://________.sharepoint.com/sites/ASite/_api/$metadata#Edm.Null" odata.null:true proto:Object {constructor: , defineGetter: , defineSetter: , …}

I've tried to check odata.null value but it doesn't appear to be there. So how do I check for invalid key?

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You can check odata.null in the prop object itself.

Using this snippet you can check for invalid key:

      .then((prop: StorageEntity) => {


          // storage entity doesnt exist

          // do something (like create entity or return empty string)
          return "";

        // storage entity exists, return its value
        return prop.Value;
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    Thank you. These documentations always shows the happy path, but never how to handle issues. Commented Aug 14, 2018 at 9:18

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