On our on-premise SharePoint 2013 farm we have a site collection with multiple document libraries. We also enabled and configured the Document ID feature here: All DocIDs begin with "Company-" (e.g. Company-25-298)

  • When uploading a file either with the little '+' icon or via drag n drop the ID gets generated perfectly fine. When users click that DocID link the file opens. Hooray!
  • However when adding a file via the Explorer View the file gets a cryptic ID (e.g.: UHE3AVTV2EUA-298-25) and sometimes SharePoint assigns the same ID twice when uploading 2 files at the same time. When clicking this DocID users get re-directed to an OSSsearchresults page with that ID as search term.

Since I could not find much helpful resources online for this: Does anyone have seen this as well? Is this a known bug? Or are we doing something wrong?

Thanks in Advance!

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