Is anybody know what is the PnP PowerShell command for Reuse Term and Pin Term functionalities?

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You can't do this using only PnP commands. But you can do it by dropping down to a little bit of CSOM.

First, fetch your source term and your destination term.

$pinnedTerm = Get-PnPTaxonomyItem -TermPath "Conglomo|Departments|Research and Development"
$sourceTermSet = Get-PnPTaxonomyItem -TermPath "Conglomo|Sitemap|Department Sites"

Then, call the one of the CSOM methods to reuse.

# option 1: reuse
$sourceTermSet.ReuseTerm($pinnedTerm, $true)

# option 2: reuse with pinning

Then you need to load and execute.

  • Thanks Derek. I will try your approach and let you know if any questions. Aug 14, 2018 at 15:00

option 1: reuse

$sourceTermSet.ReuseTerm($pinnedTerm, $true)

option 2: reuse with pinning


The above statements are INCORRECT - see below for working code:

#PIN TERM WITH CHILDREN - Unable to do it in PnP Schema (supported by the schema but NOT by the engine)!!
$termStore = Get-PnPSiteCollectionTermStore

$pinnedTerm = Get-PnPTaxonomyItem -TermPath "$($localTaxonomySession)|Site Navigation" $sourceTermSetDirectorates = Get-PnPTaxonomyItem -TermPath "National Trust|Site Navigation|Directorates"

$pinnedTerm.ReuseTermWithPinning($sourceTermSetDirectorates )


$termStore.CommitAll() # Added this to ensure persistance

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