I'm looking to automate the upload of files to SharePoint from a UNIX system. I see that SharePoint no longer supports NTLM and needs either Claims-Based Identity (SAML) or OAuth flow, thus rendering this solution ineffective

curl -k --ntlm --user user:password --upload-file test.txt https://company.sharepoint.com/ --verbose

I would like to avoid implementing SAML or OAuth because of the extra developing time this would result in. Are there any alternative solutions for Unix users?


Unfortunately security is something you need to deal with in remote scenarios such as this. Usually it's most of the effort.

You have two options:

  • Figure out how to implement the security yourself
  • Use a third party library that already handles this

I don't know anything about curl so I can't be much help there. But I do know that Node.JS works on Linux systems and I do know that the NPM module spsave works brilliantly, so I recommend looking into that. It supports a number of authentication scenarios, has decent documentation, and is authored by someone who frequents this site.


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