I will demonstrate my situation with a simple exemple; I have 2 libraries and a group of users with edit permission.

  • For the first library, the permissions won't change.
  • For the second library, I want to keep the edit permission on for all members, except one member who should only read files from this library.

Yes, you can restrict a few users or a single user to read the documents in the library by managing unique permission for your library as the following:

  1. Go to your library > Library Settings.
  2. Click on Permissions for this document library
  3. Open the Group where user has edit permission.
  4. Select user and From the above Ribbon, > Click on Remove User Permissions. So now user should have none permission to the document library.
  5. From the above Ribbon, > Click on Stop the inheritance.
  6. Then click to Grant Permission to provide a unique permission for specific user.
  7. Provide the required user/users and select Read Permission Level

I hope this helps.

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