I'm trying to do some automated scoring based on the values of various Choice fields:

Column name is Project

Choice values are Widgets1, Widgets2 and Widgets3

The scoring is based on the choice of widgets:

  • Widgets1 is 10 points
  • Widgets2 is 25
  • Widgets3 is 50

In the same record is a field titled Score. I want this dynamically populated based on the above choice. For example if widgets3 is selected, then our score is 50.

ALSO: I have some fields that are Y/N, and am hoping the syntax is similar.

Can someone point me in the right direction with the right syntax to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!


The Score column would be a Calculated Column with this formula:

=IF( Project = "Widgets1", 10, 
 IF( Project = "Widgets2", 25, 
 IF( Project = "Widgets3", 50,
 0 )

The formula for a Yes/No might look like this:

=IF( YesNo, 100, 0)

Thank you Mike,

I had to make a few minor changes, but got it to work:

=IF( [Project] = "Widgets1", 10,

IF( [Project] = "Widgets2", 25,

IF( [Project] = "Widgets3", 50,

0 )))

Thanks again - all good!

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