I was trying to create Teams using Powershell script as below

$GroupID = (New-Team -DisplayName $TeamName -AccessType Private -Description $TeamDescription).GroupId

in general this code execute well and it creates the Teams succesfully.but some time once in 100 times i have received the Following error:

Reached catch method Error occurred while executing Code: GeneralException Message: Failed to start/restart provisioning of Team InnerError: RequestId: d7bba0bc-950b-4a7b-af6b-be80d3a542a7 DateTimeStamp: 2018-08-03T10:10:58 HttpStatusCode: GeneralException

want to understand what could be the cause of this issue. if anyone have already faced this issue or any idea how we can resolve this.

  • most likely you might be getting throttled 429 exception ? Are you running this in a loop ? If so, add some delay to it using sleep – Gautam Sheth Aug 9 '18 at 9:24
  • its scheduled Activity, but when error occurred only one request was making the call. but Yes even i am suspecting this might be 429 exception with too many requests may be by the user from different application – vinit kumar Aug 9 '18 at 13:07

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