We have an requirement where we want user to have only one session enable at a time in the web application. If the user is trying to login from another machiine, their previous session should get expired and should be logged out. Any lead on this would be appreciated, Thanks !

  • What do you mean by application? Is there some custom app in your SP, or do you mean generally in SP? Which version of SP? – moe Aug 7 '18 at 6:49
  • web application, and we are working on SP 2013 – Muskan Aug 7 '18 at 7:08
  • It depends a bit on your configured authentication settings, but there are some options based on custom solutions, such as sharepoint4developers.net/en-nz/post/limit-session-account.aspx. – moe Aug 7 '18 at 7:17
  • This is for form based authentication. I'm not using FBA. – Muskan Aug 7 '18 at 9:36
  • Yeah well, it would be strongly advised to detail everything that's missing in the initial question by editing it. Don't expect us to fill the blank holes. – moe Aug 7 '18 at 9:39

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