We are developing a web part within the company I work in to be used on many SharePoint sites on SharePoint Online. I originally thought of using an XML file stored on a shared site to store hierarchical global web part settings but I am afraid that loading the settings and performance will be impacted.

The storage mechanism must:

  • allow the web part to cache the settings
  • be really fast i.e. < 1 second to load
  • allow for hierarchical settings to be set, similar to XML


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You can use tenant properties within your webpart. The properties can be set by an administrator using powershell and can be retrieved using a http request.

See tenant properties documentation for examples and usage

  • I can see how this would be useful. Could probably store a json string in that property BUT not sure what the max size is.
    – Bruno
    Aug 6, 2018 at 21:07

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