How can we post a Panoramic image in SharePoint with features to move it in a 360 view by the user? Is there any OOB option available or implement it using some jquery/JavaScript?


Try below js:

$('.pan-wrap').append('<div class="play">play</div>');

var hoverInterval;

function doStuff() {
    'background-position-x': '+=5%',
  }, 250, 'linear');

$(function() {
    function() {
      hoverInterval = setInterval($.proxy(doStuff, this), 250);
    function() {
      // stop calling doStuff
      $(this).append('<div class="play">play</div>');
        'background-position-x': '+=5%',
      }, 1000, 'easeOutQuint');

You can also try to use below panorama viewers:

Pannellum is a lightweight, free, and open source panorama viewer for the web:


Display your panorama photos on your site with this plugin(Panorama Viewer):


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