I have a document library with a lot of documents. To clean the library up I want to remove all documents that are greater than 3 months. Also I want any document put into the library to be deleted 3 months from the creation date. I want to create a workflow but not sure how I should do it. This was my first thought

 If creation is less than or equal [today] - 93 
Delete Item

Not sure if I am doing this right. Can someone help? Thanks

  • Hi, did you get anywhere with this issue? Did either of the answers help? Yes, I am fishing for an accept answer, if it was helpful :)
    – Tally
    Jan 22, 2019 at 9:57

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This seems like an opportunity to reuse an Answer that I posted to a similar question.

Just briefly, go in to Document Library Settings>information management policy settings>select Library Based Retention Schedule.

You will then see a screen like you see below. Your policy is a simple one - select the Created date field 39 days and Action: Permanently Delete (or Move to Recycle Bin

n.b. documents in the Recycle Bin remain there for a further 30 days by default, before being deleted. The Recycle Bin is accessible from the Site Collection 'Site Contents' menu.

enter image description here

You might wish to read in to configuring Information Management Policy Settings since these can be defined site-wide on content types OR they can be defined on individual Lists or Document Libraries OR even a combination of the two (with the locally defined policy over-riding the site policy...)


The Retention and Deletion policies feature sounds like what you need.

This is a feature that can be activated on a site and used for files and libraries in that site.

A quick search online should find you plenty of guides to get you going.

I don't know if this will act on existing items so other alternatives are to use PowerShell or CSOM to perform a clean up but I would stick to the SharePoint feature until it can't help you any more.

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