On SharePoint 2016 (on-prem), I have a library which receives emails. I have created a workflow that creates a new task in a task list when a new email is received at the library.

My question is how can I attach the original email to the created task?

Alternatively, I can be happy if I can present the link to the original document and not to attach it. In the task list i created a column called "Original Email" and in the workflow I am setting this column to be "Workflow Context:Current Item URL" when I create the task, but it shows the link in this format: http://.../DropOffLibrary/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=26 and not to the original document but to the displayform of the item.

So, 2 questions in this thread - 1. Can I attach the original email to the new task 2. Can I display the exact link to the item and not to the display form?

From the SharePoint Designer

Thank you very much, Effy.

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  1. No, you cannot attach the original email to the Task item using a SharePoint workflow.
  2. Instead of using "Workflow Context:Current Item URL", I suggest you use "Current Item:URL Path", like the below:
    enter image description here

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