When any user clicks the close (X) button of the list edit form, I want to prevent closing it and to show an additional submission dialog. For this purpose I tried to remove all event handlers from this button with no luck in IE 11.

var btnClose = $("a.ms-dlgCloseBtn", parent.document);
btnClose.click(function () { showCloseDialog(); });

If I use $clearHandlers like in the code above, I get error Out of stack space. If I use $removeHandler(btnClose.get(0), "click"); instead, I get Sys.ParameterCountException: Parameter count mismatch error.

btnClose.off().find("*").off(); or btnClose.removeAttr("onclick"); also don't work.

What am I doing wrong?

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I've found a workaround solution. It isn't perfect, but it works.

I've replaced an original button with a cloned one, thus all the event listeners were removed from the new button. Here is an example of my code:

var btnClose = $("a.ms-dlgCloseBtn", parent.document);
var btnConfirm = btnClose.clone();
btnConfirm.attr("class", "custom-dlgConfirmBtn").click(function () { showCloseDialog(); });

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