I followed this post but Outlook is displaying the image with a red x.

List Column

  • Photo = Hyperlink/Picture type

SPD Variables:

  • varPhoto = <IMG SRC="[%Current Item:Photo%]" alt="Test"/>

The photo URL is https://xxx.sharepoint.com/sites/sitecollection/library/photo.png The varPhoto variable is string.

I need to keep the image source dynamic. Also, trust center in Outlook prevents automatic download. Not sure if this causing the image not to show but when I uncheck this option, the image was still coming up as a red x. I also added @sharepointonline.com in the safe sender list.


You need to either make the image public or place it on another server, like FTP. I couldn’t get the SharePoint image repository working with with emails, I had to place the image somewhere it is available publicly.

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