I added a managed metadata column to a document library (KBCategory). The column was crawled because I can see it in my Search Schema. Can anyone explain why there are two crawled properties (ows_KBCategory and ows_taxIdKBCategory)? I would like to customize an item display template to surface this information.

Do I use the automatically mapped managed property below, or should I create a managed property and map the "Non taxId" property?

enter image description here

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ows_KBCategory = Text of the metadata field

ows_taxId_KBCategory = Unique ID of the metadata term

The ID property is used to get terms which are tagged or are a children of a term. So in your case the regular ows_KBCategory should be sufficient.

For more information check to following link an scroll to the part Data format for Managed Metadata: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/technical-reference/automatically-created-managed-properties-in-sharepoint


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