I created a new content type (Gav).

content type screenshot

But only 3 content types are available via the ribbon

List Ribbon>New Item>only 3x content types are available

Where is the 4th one? Do I need to wait for the system to refresh perhaps?

  • Of the 4 content types, one is made from the original list item content type.
  • The other 3 content types were made at the site collection level, then added to the list.

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In List Settings I could see all 4 content types (as you see in the 1st picture in the question).

  • Via the ribbon>new item form>I chose content type 1 (aka Charlie).
  • I copied the url to this form and pasted in to Notepad.
  • In this url I found the ContentTypeID - I will replace this with the ID from Content Type 4.
  • To get the Content Type ID for the 4th content type: List Settings>content types>I clicked on content type 4 (the one that does not show up via the Ribbon>New Item). While viewing this content type I copied the url and pasted it in to Notepad.
  • In Notepad I isolated the ContentTypeID from content type 4.
  • I began with the new item form url for Content Type 1. I substituted the unique Content Type ID. This makes a new item form for Content Type 4.
  • On the List page, default view - I added a new item link for Content Type 4. I can now use all 4 content types.

Content Type 4 is still not showing up in the ribbon - but I have made manual links to all 4 content types instead.

enter image description here

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