I am using the following power shell script:


To change the content type from the standard "document" content type to a new one in a document library, This works fine but i have a requirement that i only need to apply a certain document type to documents and documents in sub folders which are only in a certain root folder in the document library.

This has stump me on how you tell in to only look in a certain folder, I belive is something along this line: I need to tell the powershell script to select the folder like this, but what ever i try does not seem to work.


but then i thought it might not work like that i might have to do some looping of folder names like in the follow link to select the correct folder:

Get all document from all folder and subfolder from document library sharepoint powershell

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I Found out that each item hold the full url under this value:


So I used the following IF statement to match the start of the file url path to match what folder i want to apply the content type to:

if ($_.File -like "$nameofdoclibrary/$Folder_root/*"){

$_["ContentTypeId"] = $newCTID



I found that the following line of code works for me In Power Shell after a ton of work $F.Properties["ContentTypeId"]=$ProjectFolder.Id.ToString() $F is the folder from $Web.GetFolder. $ProjectFolder is the new ContentType

Full code below. Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -EA SilentlyContinue Start-SPAssignment –Global $Site = "http://myreallykewlsite" $File = "TheFolderToUpdateinSite" $Title="NewTitlebyRodney"


$web = Get-SPWeb $Site $FolderType = $web.AvailableContentTypes["Folder"] $ProjectFolder = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContentType($FolderType, $web.ContentTypes, $ContentType) $FolderType.Group = "Folder Content Types" $web.ContentTypes.Add($ProjectFolder) $web.Fields.Add("ProjectInfo","Text",$false) $ProjectInfo =$web.Fields.GetField("ProjectInfo") $ProjectInfo.Group="Folder Content Types"

step 9

$FieldLink = New-OBject Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldLink($ProjectInfo) $ProjectFolder.FieldLinks.Add($FieldLink) $ProjectFolder.Update() Stop-SPAssignment –Global

Get the documents Library

$List = $web.Lists["Documents"]

update the library to allow managment of content types then addd the contenttype to the library.

$List.ContentTypesEnabled =$True $List.Update()

$List.ContentTypes.Add($ProjectFolder) $List.Update()

add the field to the Default View.

$D=$List.DefaultView $D.ViewFields.Add($ProjectInfo) $D.Update()

Get the List Item by its Title field value

$ListItem = $List.Items | Where {$_["Name"] -eq $File}

#foreach($_ in $ListItem){

Set "Department" column value

ok now to change the type from "Folder" to "ProjectFolder"

and add the Project Title and Info information

$F=$Web.GetFolder($Site + "/Shared Documents/" + $File) #fojoadsfjadslfj here is your error Rodney #$F.Item.File.CheckOut() #$FI.CheckOut() $F.Properties["ContentTypeId"]=$ProjectFolder.Id.ToString() #$FI.CheckIn() $F.Update() $F["Project"] = $Title $F.Update()


"Updated: " + $Site + " : " + $File + " : " + $Title

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