I am having trouble trying to get the "Title" portion of a Person or Group field from SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow using a REST API query. I have my workflow built similar to the one in this article: https://weblogs.asp.net/ricardoperes/looping-through-list-items-in-sharepoint-2013

My url variable is grabbing all the items in a list with a Status equal to 'Not Started'. I have a Person or Group column in the List called 'Assigned To'. However when just trying to use a Get action to get the person's name, it returns their user ID, as seen below:

Get AssignedTo from Variable: item (Output to Variable: assignedTo)

I have tried AssignedTo/Title to no avail.

Should I expand my url (REST query) to expand the Assigned To field: _api/web/lists/getbytitle('List')/items?$select=AssignedTo/Title&$expand=AssignedTo/Id

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Figured it out! It was all about expanding my REST query with adding AssignedTo/Title to the $select portion.

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