Hoping someone can help as I am relatively new to Sharepoint. I've created a list to track completion of internal audit activity. It includes a status column and due date column. I'm trying to create a calculated column which determines if the item is overdue if the status is not complete.

Can someone please assist?



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You can create a new view and add a filter to it - exclude anything where Status=Completed, since you don't want completed items to show up as overdue. That covers one of your requirements.

To calculate overdues, you'll need to use something which works ofd the [Today] date.

Here are some posts to existing questions and answers that should help you. This existing post does something similar. You might find this post of use too. This post also looks useful.

  • Is a calculated field going to solve the issue, as the calculation only takes place then the item is updated. Unless some timer job will update the items when they expire? Jul 25, 2018 at 20:45

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