I am using the following url to get a file based on the ID in the list:


I am getting data back, but I need the properties of this item that are returned from a search, especially the ServerRedirectEmbedURL, ServerRedirectPreviewURL, and the ServerDirectedURL as well as the Path so I can download this file. The library and itemId are coming from a local database and I am stuffing them into the url and doing a get. I get a response and can see the JSON returned, but I am not seeing the fields I would need in a search. I am using the right call here or do I need another call to get this data? This is all so mysterious so I do appreciate all the help I am getting.

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I struggled with this for a while, but eventually found that you need to add ?$expand=fileto the query string URL, e.g https://<site>/_api/web/lists/getbyTitle('<library>')/items(itemId)/?$expand=file

This will then include a File object in the JSON response containing the goodies you are after.

  • I added this to the end of the line and sent it to the server. I got a response but I didn't see anywhere in the response where the ServerRedirectEmbedURL, ServerRedirectPreviewURL, ServerDirectedURL, and Path were located in the JSON response. I get some additional fields, but not these fields. I'll keep digging and if I find something post it here.
    – john
    Jul 25, 2018 at 15:04

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